September 5, 2015


Purple-Merkabah Dear Friends,

I am sending this message to the many clients and workshop participants I've worked with over the past 10 years with a call to action. We are now entering the most exciting and most uncertain times in the history of our ancient and modern civilization on Planet Earth. Many of you know my work from the past that addressed the dilemma we have faced for thousands of years that includes lies and deceit, corruption at the highest levels of Banking, Politics and Religion, Slavery and very dark hidden agendas that are now being exposed to the masses. The good news is that the Apocalypse is now upon us! The word Apocalypse does not mean destruction or catastrophe. The actual translation from the Greek Root word represents "all of that has been hidden shall be revealed." If you are lovers of truth like me, it bodes well to embrace the saying "the truth shall set you free."

So why the urgency? As many of you know, the financial system in the United States is broken. We have come to the end of the line with living on credit and fake money that is valueless. I need not go into how this has happened since many of you are well aware of the situation. So the question I have heard from many clients and colleagues is "What can we do to protect and prepare our mind, body and spirit for the very challenging times ahead?"

My best advice is, keep your life simple and live in accordance with Universal Laws. These principles will be essential for continuity and openness to the highest and best good for all. Quantum Physics has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that we are all interconnected by this universal web of life which affects everything and changes anything by thought and observation, alone. This world and the split/dark consciousness, that has been a part of our past, is coming to an end.

During this magnificent shift the true Akasha/History of Planet Earth will be revealed to all humans. With that being said, there is always chaos that ensues with great change. Also uncertainty and fear does arise when a revolution/evolution of this magnitude occurs.

As we traverse through the many changes, and graduate from innocence and ignorance to a more unified understanding of eternal life, many Galactic Luminaries and other influences will guide us through the Maya and mist of the unknown. Our only true job, if there is such a thing, is to remember who we are as divine beings of pure absolute light.

Suffering will be optional! If one accepts that it is your true destiny to awaken from the darkness, suffering will be curtailed through neutral witnessing and clarity. Reaction or entanglement in old behaviors, beliefs, or patterns can be detrimental to one's health. We are already experiencing the uncertainty and growing pains of the "New Earth"; compassion, long life, healing & serenity are beginning to sprout. Distractions that create separation, or dualistic splits that lead to confusion, will delay the transformational process and increase suffering… mentally, emotionally, physically, and psychically.

How can one align themselves in preparation for this extraordinary shift? Here are some suggestions!

A. Get as healhty as you can and eat clean, alive, nutritious foods. Detoxify the body and give special attention to your Digestion, Liver and Thyroid

B. Work The Body with activities such as yoga, exercise, acupuncture, mineral baths, and dancing. This will integrate the intense energies coming through Galactic Photon waves, Solar Waves and Geo Magnetic Storms that can block the electrical pathways of the body.

C. Very Important - Engage with like-minded people that are embracing these changes and seeing great potentials for our planet and humanity. If you need support or guidance seek it out from experienced Truth Professionals.

D. Prepare your home and family for abrupt changes in your lifestyle and be smart about how your basic needs will be met and supported. If our commerce slows down or takes a pause for days or weeks, food, water, heat and other elemental needs should be available. Gold and Silver, new or used will be essential for trade or services. (Contact Lee for a good source to acquire Gold and/or Silver).

E. Have Gold and Silver in your possession during these changes to protect your assets and the monetary transition that is now happening. The Chinese are in the process of unraveling the American Dollar as the world currency and the devaluation of the dollar will be the absolute game changer.

If you have any questions or need guidance about what to do or how to prepare for this life changing event horizon, I am setting aside time ten 1 Hour Consultations per week, a fee will apply. I have been helping hundreds of clients over the past 5 years that are aware that this is really happening and understand that preparation is wise. Now is the time, and window of opportunity, for all beings to participate in a New Reality of Freedom and embrace the next steps in this Cosmic Experiment which is leading us to Oneness, Health and Happiness.

Remember that all is going to work out perfectly.
Follow your True Heart as your guidance.
May the Grace of Wisdom show us the way,

In Service, Lee Patrick Hanks, September 2015

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